About Us

WHITEHAT BUSINESS SUPPORT is the only reliable business advisory firm based in Bahrain which provides Human Resources Consulting Services & Business Management Services under a single umbrella. The CEO comes from Human Resources Management Background. In 2018, The CEO saw that there was not any company that provides Human Resources Management and Business Formation and Support services under a single company.

We always ensure the smooth entry of our clients into the exciting and business-friendly environment of Bahrain so they can take advantage of the many exciting opportunities available to Companies. We have stayed beside our clients and are committed to ensuring 100% satisfaction as well

We understand the context and needs of any type of business, and employ innovative approaches and highly skilled people to help the company improve performance and lower costs; by designing and implementing best-in-class bespoke Human Capital solutions.

The CEO has strong pragmatic, hands-on industry experience combined with excellent knowledge, educational qualifications, and an up-to-date understanding of international and local key trends and dynamics in the business field.

Company Profile

We’ve been passionate about achieving better results for our clients.


We provide HR Consulting Services in a full-scale manner for Business Owners who are not ready to hire a Full-Time HR Employee.

We also help business owners to establish their company in Bahrain at the Least Cost and Time with less hassle.

We provide all the services in Bahrain that any business will require in the operations of Human Resources Management and establish the company in the country

We present the entire plan of action for their service in the first meeting itself. We also keep track of ongoing applications. Each client is important to us.

Yes, we are virtually available 24*7. We do not work like other agencies. We are at your service at each minute.