Bahrain Shareholding (B.S.C.) – Closed

Bahrain Shareholding (B.S.C.) – Closed  

A Closed Shareholding Company consists of a number of persons (not less than two) who subscribe by way of negotiable shares which are not offered to the public for subscription. GCC nationals and foreign investors are permitted to own company shares. Moreover, US nationals are treated similarly to GCC citizens.


Any National


  • Limited liability
  • Banking, insurance, and investment activities are allowed
  • Local operations are allowed
  • Local of office presence is required
  • Minimum share capital required is BHD250,000
  • A minimum of 50% of the capital must be paid initially at the time of incorporation; the remaining to pay within three years.
  • The nominal value of each share shall not be less than BHD0.100 and shall not exceed BHD 100
  • The minimum number of shareholders required is two
  • The minimum number of directors required is three
  • Annual submission of audited financial statements to MOIC is required

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                          BSC Closed CR starts as low as                                   BHD299.000

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