Simple Commandite Company (SCC)

Simple commandite company (SCC) 

 A Simple Commandite company is a limited partnership company established by one or more partners who are jointly liable to the extent of their entire personal wealth for the company’s obligations and other partners who have invested in the company but are not involved in its management, i.e. “Limited partners”. Limited partners are held responsible for the company’s obligations only to the extent of the capital contributed by them.


Any National


  • Limited liability – there are two types of partners: limited partners and partners with unlimited liability
  • Local office presence is required
  • Banking, insurance, and investment arrangements are prohibited
  • Business operations are permissible in Bahrain
  • There are no minimum capital requirements
  • Foreign ownership is limited to 49%

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          Simple Commandite Company CR starts as low as                  BHD299.000

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